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      Service Hotline:+86 21-59900078
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      Shanghai Sanyu Resin Co.,Ltd
      Japanese-owned enterprise(Sanyu Rec Co.,Ltd.)

      Shanghai Sanyu Resin Co.,Ltd is invested and established by Japan Sanyu Rec Co.,Ltd in January 2003. The company covers an area of 13264m2,workshop area 5800m2 . We use polyurethane and epoxy as raw material to develop and produce insulation,waterproof,moisture protection,bonding and other resin products since inception.Our products are widely used in household electrical appliances,automobile parts,Electronic components,LED,high efficiency air filters,building,stone bonding and Other areas. Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Hitachi, Sanyo, Siemens, LG, Samsung,Shanghai Construction Group, the Japan Water Agency and other world famous companiesRecognize the quality of our products. We aim to service and maximize our efforts to meet the customers. We provide customers with UL certification to meet the requirement of antiflaming, SGS report for green products, and JET certification for heat resistant. The acquisition of ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 ensure that the company can be efficient and correct operated and produce the green products. We are willing to cooperate with old and new customers to constantly develop new prodects to meet new requirements. And we are now introducing advanced technologies,equipments, and manage mechanisms to enhance the company for social progress.

      Sanyou trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  

      Sanyou trading (Shanghai) CO., LTD. Is a Japanese shosha established in July 2008, jointly invested by SANYU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. And SANYU REC CO., LTD. Since its establishment, relying on the technical strength of Japan SANYU REC CO., LTD. And Shanghai sanyou resin CO., LTD., the company has been engaged in the trade of various insulating, waterproof, moisture-proof resin and adhesive adhesive products developed and produced with polyurethane, epoxy resin and other basic raw materials as well as various chemical raw materials. Products are widely used in home appliances, automotive electronics, electronic components, LED, high efficiency air filters and other fields. Since the beginning of r&d and production in 1963, the Japan head office has received the love and praise from the world famous companies including panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, sharp, sanyo and omron. At the same time, the company also engaged in a variety of domestic and international trade, import and export agents and other supporting business. The company is headquartered in Shanghai lujiazui financial center, and set up branches in shenzhen, tianjin, chengdu, we will be quality products, professional services, integrity of the spirit of dedicated service for our customers.