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      Service Hotline:+86 21-59900078
      Products > Electronic Materials > Heat conduction glue

      Heat conduction glue

      This series of polyurethane sealant products are mainly used in various high-calorific electronic components, which have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, resistance to cold and hot impact, resistance to oil and gasoline, corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, good fluidity, good operability and other characteristics, and are widely applicable.

      This series of products have flame retarder certification (UL94 v-0), RTI certification, JET certification (Japan electrics safety and environment institute) and so on.

      Recommended use:

      LED power supply, LED lights, motorcycle ECU, car ECU, all kinds of sensors, high power modules

      Representative product: UF-1268C  UF-1113C  UF-71397C